a new year.  a new project

Several years ago, a group of friends keyed me into the idea of doing a project where I'd create at "to do" list of 101 things, and then give myself 1001 days to check off everything on the list.

I didn't check everything off of my list in that first 1001 days, but I put the things that I hadn't yet completed on my next list.  And I did a second 1001 days, and started blogging that project.  

Then, in the middle of my third 1001 days, things kinda got a bit nutty.  I got a project at work that sucked up an entire year of my life.  I changed jobs shorty thereafter.  My work-life balance was seriously out-of-whack, and I didn't have time to maintain a blog, let alone check things off of my 101 Things list.

So, beginning January 1, 2014, I'm starting a fourth 101 Things in 1001 Days project, and I'm going to make my best efforts to record my efforts on this site.   

Oh, yeah.  One more thing.  The opinions here are my own, and I don't recommend things unless I mean it.  I may link to products that I use in the posts, and if you click on those links and buy the product, I may get a kickback from the seller, which will help me defray the cost of operating this blog.  But I don't accept ads and I don't write "sponsored content."