two new countries

Depending on how you define "country," up to this month, I'd visited somewhere between 35 and 40 countries.  Conservatively, let's call it 36.  That's if you include Antarctica (which isn't technically a country), but don't count territories like Bermuda and Puerto Rico (which appear on some lists, but they're not sovereign states, so I'm leaving them off.  I'm also not counting East and West Germany as separate countries, even though they were separate at the time that I first visited Deutschland.

Well, as of this vacation, I've now added two new countries to my list--Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our visit to Zambia was pretty brief.  We flew into Livingstone, on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.  We crossed the border over to Zimbabwe almost immediately, but we did make a brief foray back into Zambian territory later that evening, when we took a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river.  We saw elephants grazing on the shore, crocodiles lurking on sand banks, and a family of hippos in the river.

We spent more time in Zimbabwe.  The view of the falls is much better from that side.  In addition to checking out the falls (which were quite incredible), we also did an elephant back safari, and then took a canoe trip down the Zambezi river, complete with hippo and crocodile encounters and even some rapids!

Obviously, there's a lot more to see of Zimbabwe and Zambia than merely the small area near Victoria Falls, but if you ever have a chance to visit, I'd recommend it highly.  It's very close to two other southern African countries--the border with Namibia and Botswana is right there, as well.  So, if you're "collecting countries" like I am, it could be a great place to up your country count!

Oh, and in case you're interested, my complete list of visited countries is on my list page